Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Dancing In Dive Bars

Dancing In Dive Bars
The Wilderness
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Wilderness releases a new single, co-written by Kody Paul but still 100% true blue Jonas. A slice of the lowlife song that betrays so much about the man, transplanted from Canterbury these many years Jonas is a Kingston boy now. He may slip in the accent on the word dancing (dawnsing) but the song is so grounded in townie life you can almost smell the old Toucan carpet by the second verse. The song could easily be snuck into a set by the Bruce Springsteen cover band that plays too loud and none of the sweat-soaked flat-broke revellers would even notice. It’s fun and familiar, like walking into your favourite neighbourhood pub and having the bartender know your name, and not to ask for money until midnight when the your paycheque hits your bank account because like you he’s been here before. We’ve all been here before, dancing in dive bars.

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