Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Wilderness cements itself as Kingston’s answer to New Jersey working class folk rock like our very own Jonas Springsteen and the Queen Street Band. Adding the sexy sound of saxophone with newcomer Nick Lennox, the now 6 piece has layers of power and emotion in their sound as well as their lyrics. Always authentic, always real, the band releases a new video for their song  Hurry Up And Wait that captures them at their rawest, sweatiest, tiredest, rockingest, laughingest best. Friends together on a journey both harrowing and joyful, gruelling and uplifting. Shot during their recent northern Ontario tour, it couldn’t be anymore Canadian. Songs that could be the soundtrack to any one of a million late nights that ended in cold mornings The Wilderness gives as a real good feel alright rock song, with a hint of a reggae groove to keep you going like an extra large double double at a truck stop Timmy’s halfway to nowhere Ontario. Check em out live at the Brooklyn, recorded or in video. This is what is going on.

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