Thursday, 9 March 2017

Record Deal Ushers In New Age

In a move that will reinvent popular music, industry veteran Cliff Fabri forms brand new record label and signs alien grade genius artist Konig.

What happens when a  jock with a play-to-win attitude and the confidence that goes along beating the opposition by playing harder and smarter gets involved in the music business? Whether it was promoting shows, managing bands or developing new recording artists, Cliff Fabri has never cared what other people think he’s “supposed” to do. He does what he thinks is going to give him the results he wants. Bodies at shows, paying gigs for his bands, chart success for his artists. Cliff understands that music is a business, but it’s a wild one. It is driven on the all sides, whether it’s the talent, the audience or the executives, by fragile egos and fickle tastes. It is a creative industry, and that carries through all aspects. Writing, performing, producing and promoting all need to be constantly reinvented and pushed into fresh new directions. Cliff isn’t afraid to push. In fact if you ask him why he thinks his most famous client Avril Lavigne exploded the way she did, he will tell you that was her secret too. She was driven, oblivious to expectations and not afraid to push. Together they took the scruffy country singer from Napanee and turned her into a pop punk princess with multiple chart topping records. Sports also taught Fabri something else, be on a winning team. Whether it was working with the Matrix, Joshua Sarubin or LA Reid, Cliff knows he isn’t going to do anything alone. Put the right people in the right positions and push down the field taking every yard until you hit the endzone. There is no trophy for second place.

Nadia Pacey is a wonderfully strange talent with a mind as creative as it is expansive. She is not a musician, although she sings wonderfully and writes music in multiple genres. She isn’t a filmmaker but her videos are slick, stylish and original. She isn’t a baker but she makes an incredible blueberry pie. Nadia is a creator. She is a wellspring of cultural artifacts. A diverse and prolific media forge. One of her creations is Konig, an act of meta-self-actuallization, as Konig is Nadia. Konig sings with a voice of pure innocence, catchy slowburn dreamy pop songs full of bizarre and dark imagery. She appears on stage with a chair and a sheet and plays pretend like a child. Or in a caricature of hyper maturity with a stuffed butt and bra and her sexy friend Kelly who does an amazing trick. No matter her stage show the music is beautiful and haunting and catchy and fun. You will leave any of her shows wondering what you just saw, how much of it was real, and singing one of the choruses that wriggled inside your brain. There isn’t anything you could easily compare Konig to, because there is no one quite like Nadia. She is original and bold and doesn’t follow any of the rules or meet expectations. She plays with convention like it was toy, for fun and without malice.

Link to Konig's original indie video for Point of Light

Cliff has been helping his friend Mark Monahan promote the Ottawa Blues Fest. In tandem with the world class event he has built a talent contest called She’s The One. The event is designed to attract and showcase fledgling musical talent. Always looking for the next play, Cliff openly admits it doubles as an audition to be his next pop project. Working with Kingston industrialist Greg Rosen, whose fortune was made in steel and real estate, Cliff has started his own record label - PS Records. Along with top industry connections made throughout his illustrious career, Cliff has assembled a championship franchise team. The endgame is global market penetration and chart topping success. Good isn’t good enough; the goal is to be the biggest and the best. For a man who once stood in an office with Jimmy Iovin looking at a first gen prototype of the Beats headset he would eventually sell to Apple for $3 Billion, the pinnacle of success isn’t as impossible a dream as others might think. Never be afraid to push, up and out and beyond.

History will marvel at the sheer good fortune that a man with global ambition and an international career would just happen to operate out of the same small Canadian city as a singularly talented and potentially world changing artist. But there you have it, if this were a work of fiction this part might seem a little far fetched, a little too convenient to be real. And yet it is. Cliff saw Konig perform on a tiny stage in a bar in Kingston in front of 40 people, many of whom weren’t previously aware of her work. As is usual at any Konig performance there was a flurry whispered “oh my god” “she’s so good” “this is really unusual” “is this some kind of performance art thing”. Sitting quietly by himself at the back of the room, Cliff saw something else. Originality, talent, fearlessness, charisma. You can’t teach those things. You can’t buy them either. But if you’re really smart you can recognize them in their rawest form and align yourself early their development. That was exactly what he did. Nadia Pacey, Konig, was signed to PS Records in the spring of 2017. For the first time in her career she will create with a team, collaborating with some of the most accomplished minds in the industry. The most genius of which will be wise enough to allow her to do exactly what she needs to and only polish where her technical expertise falls short. This project will generate interesting and enjoyable original music. That is a certainty. But to those of us who have been watching these proceedings the closest, there is a very real chance something much more important could come of it as well. The music business is in crisis and is changing, it needs to reinvent itself to remain relevant in the coming decades. There is enough talent, motivation, vision and resources in this partnership to stewart that transition and be the catalyst for the future of popular media. 

You don’t agree? $3 billion for a pair of headphones. This is what is going on.

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